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Chris Barrowman - Winner of Best Young Dentist Scotland in the Dentistry Awards 2013 LinkedIn

Principal Dentist
GDC No. 79642

Chris is the Owner and principal dentist of multi-award winning Infinityblu.

He qualified in 2001 from Dundee University and spent a period of time as a senior house officer in Dundee Dental School & Hospital before working for a number of years in practice in Perth. His goal was to create his own practice on his own terms, and in 2007 Chris set up Infinityblu Dental Care in Pitlochry. In 2008, Chris furthered his skills and experience by completing a yearlong implant training course in London and has since committed to further ongoing postgraduate training. Chris has been involved in dental implantology since 2003 and now accepts implant referrals from other dental practices. Chris's special interests are in cosmetic dentistry and more complex procedures involving dental implants.

In 2013, Chris guided Infinityblu to be shortlisted for 9 UK Dental Awards, Winning Highly Commended Practice of the Year North in the Dentistry Scotland Awards. Chris himself was shorlisted in April 2013 along with three Glasgow based dentists for the Scottish Dental Awards 2013 'Dentist of the Year' category and this November was presented in Leicester as winner of 'Best Young Dentist Scotland' in the Dentistry Awards 2013.

He has created a practice where he can pursue his interests, enthusiasm and drive for Dentistry. Chris's passionate, friendly, professional yet relaxed approach will put patients at ease during consultations and treatment.

When not working, Chris enjoys running, cycling and spending time with his young family. This year, Chris is concentrating his training to complete the Etape Caledonia cycle race and the Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon in Loch Tay.

Chris's Testimonials

I was recommended to Infinityblu over a year ago. I had not been to the dentist since 1979! I was absolutely petrified. Worried about what might be found. Assuming the worst.

I plucked up the courage and I am so glad I did.

Chris and all the staff, Jenny, Moira then later on in the year, Jane and Anne, could not have made me more at ease. I was stuck in a 1979 time zone and could not believe how modern and fresh everything looked. Everything was explained, if asked to stop, Chris would. Nothing was too much trouble for anyone. My treatment was to take place over a few months. The second visit was to be an extraction. I didn't feel a thing and over with so quickly.

So far, I have had to have two extractions, one filling and a few scale and polishes to get my oral health back. Fears now gone and I can honestly say my mouth feels great. Thanks to everyone at Infinityblu I can smile with confidence again. A great practice.

Alastair, Pitlochry

I was ashamed and embarrassed of my teeth, many of them were broken and the rest badly stained.nt.

People noticed – some commented.

I did not really know what to do about them, so, of course, I did nothing.

At a Christmas fair I was given an Infinityblu brochure; the team were there giving advice and offering a prize draw of free tooth whitening. My first appointment I was ashamed to go in, but never once criticised for letting my teeth get so bad, I only received positive information. I was given a treatment plan where all procedures and costs were laid out.

One year later. Beautiful teeth, confidence, comfort, and a good relationship with my dentist.

E.W, Bridge of Tilt, Perthshire

I made my first appointment with Infinityblu as I had a problem with severe toothache. I hadn't attended a dentist for quite a few years as I have a fear of the dentist, however, I had no choice and was in so much pain I made an appointment.

From my first phone call, I was made to feel at ease, I thought I may lose the tooth but was given all options open to me.

I had quite a few appointments over the next few weeks and even had root canal treatment, which for me is amazing as I was so frightened. I only had to raise my hand if I needed the treatment to stop, which I never needed to, as Chris Barrowman (my dentist at the practice) gave me so much confidence. I now visit for regular checkups and would never see anyone else.

All the staff at the practice are kind, thoughtful and very understanding. I would have no hesitation in recommending any friends to Infinityblu. I cannot praise Chris Barrowman and all the staff enough as they made the experience so easy for me.

LB, Pitlochry, Perthshire


Implants and General

I saw an advert for IBLU in a local magazine and having just moved to the village of Birnam, I was not yet registered with a dentist. Unfortunately, one of my front crowns fell out and I needed to have it repaired urgently. I phoned Infinityblu to see if there would be a dentist available who would be prepared to see me at such short notice and especially with me not being registered. I explained the situation to the lady at the reception who was very understanding and she managed to get me an appointment for an emergency repair. The staff couldn’t have been more welcoming and the dentist couldn’t have been more reassuring if he tried. For me, arriving at a new dentist with a front tooth missing was going to be such an embarrassing event, but I wasn’t made to feel embarrassed in any way. As soon as I walked through the door I was welcomed with a smile and the practice itself made me feel at ease with its modern fresh look and its immaculate appearance.

It turned out that an old hockey injury which happened over 20 years ago was back to haunt me. It appeared that the bone in my gum had been deteriorating over the years and there was now very little bone left to hold my crowns in place. Chris explained various methods of treatment and advised in his professional opinion what would suit me best. After lengthy discussions, but under no pressure, I chose to get 2 dental implants in the front and had to have bone augmentation treatment as well. I genuinely expected to have this done at the dental hospital, but it was done at the practice. I couldn’t believe that I had the bone augmentation treatment and had 7 stitches in my gum without feeling a thing. Chris and the dental assistant were extremely reassuring during the whole procedure and I felt relaxed and was confident that I was in good hands (my teeth and smile mean the world to me).

I am absolutely delighted with the outcome of my treatment and couldn’t praise the staff any more if I tried. I can’t believe how much more confident I am when I smile, my only regret is that I wished I had known about IBLU years ago. I would confidently recommend IBLU to anyone. I have since moved away from Birnam and now travel almost 100 miles to IBLU. I don’t look at the journey as being an onerous one, but do look at it as being a pleasant one and surprisingly enough I actually look forward to going to the dentist now.

So a big THANK YOU to IBLU!

Shona McNulty, East Lothian


Implants and General

IBLU dental was recommended to me by my own dental practice. After nearly 8 years of wearing an ill fitting bridge which discoloured my teeth, I was desperate to explore other alternatives. After attending a consultation appointment, to which I was greeted with a smile and put at ease by the friendly staff, together we decided that a dental implant was the best avenue of treatment for me.

Due to a tight timescale for me, Chris was very kind and rearranged his week for me to have the initial procedure carried out only 3 days after my consultation. The procedure itself was carried out in a very skilful, professional manner, yet the relaxed attitude of the staff made it seem less if an ordeal to a nervous patient.

Throughout my healing time, Chris and the staff were on hand, both on the phone and through regular checkups, to ensure that everything was as it should be. When the time finally came to have my new tooth fitted, I could not have been happier with the result. It was not until that point I realised how much of an impact it was going to have. I am now able to eat and chew properly, without the worry of dislodging the tooth, and most importantly, I am able to smile without the discolouration caused by the bridge that I had for so long.

I can truly say that Chris and the team at IBLU have restored my confidence in my smile. I would recommend the practice to anyone looking to have cosmetic dental work carried out.

It is all the truth. You are all wonderful! It sounds so silly, but I got so much joy from being able to bite down into an apple and eat chewy sweets. Most importantly though; I can smile and show my teeth!


Faye Gibson, Kirriemuir, Angus



From teenage years I have always been a regular visitor to the dentist. My dentist at the time predicted that I would have no teeth by the age of 25. However here I am at 70+ with a reasonable mouthful. This is a tribute to the many dentists I have seen over the years, none more so than Chris Barrowman.

Before moving to Dunkeld I lived in Edinburgh and had good dental treatment there. For a number of years it was personally convenient to travel there on a regular basis. That came to an end and I spent some time casting around for a quality way forward. It was then that a friend recommended Infinityblu.

The staff are excellent and the surgery is relaxing and of a high standard. Visiting the dentist is generally not the most relaxing thing to do but these qualities are a big help in putting patients at ease.

All the treatment received has been excellent with absolutely no follow on problems I have no hesitation in recommending infinityblu to friends and have already done so on a number of occasions.

John, Dunkeld, Perthshire


A couple of days into a coast to coast walking holiday last year 2011 I was awoken at my guesthouse in a severe amount of dental pain which was clearly demanding some immediate attention. The problem had arisen from a recently replaced crown that had come loose after almost 40 years in situ. A few weeks earlier my regular dentist back home in London had reaffixed this using pins and these were gradually impacting on the nerve.

At that guesthouse in May 2011 it seemed that my Loch Rannoch location was pretty remote and the chances of finding a dentist locally would be equally remote. I couldn't continue my holiday with the pain. My options were to return home to London but I really didn't want to do this. Or travel to Glasgow to find a dentist which would mean I'd lose at least a couple of days. What to do? When I explained all this to my hosts a solution to the problem was quickly worked out. There was a good dentist in Pitlochry and there was a bus to Pitlochry which stopped just outside their guesthouse.

A quick call was made to the dentist Chris Barrowman at Infinityblu and he agreed to see me at short notice that afternoon as an emergency case, excellent!

Chris is exceptional, reassuring and proficient. He sorted the problem, removed the pain and told me that I could continue with my holiday. Wonderful! He said that I would probably need follow up root canal work but not immediately. So this year when I had my annual check-up in London and my dentist told me that I'd need the root canal I decided to return to Scotland and Chris at Infinityblu in Pitlochry who was clearly the man to finish the job. And he did. Splendidly. The practice is modern and relaxed and the support staff are extremely welcoming and friendly. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the practice to others.

Thanks to all at infinityblu!

Des Horan, London


Crowns / Bridgework and General

All the staff at Infinityblu are really friendly, which is great if you are like me and don’t like the dentist! I have always gone to the dentist and have the evidence from my childhood where all my back teeth were filled with the dreaded amalgam and when you get to 40 something they all start falling apart.

Anyway, after a few visits to Chris and a few fillings later we had a chat about a better fix for my teeth. I was clenching and grinding my jaw when asleep, the back teeth and fillings were breaking down and my bite was a bit odd. Flossing was continuously required because all the gaps between my teeth were getting bigger and more and more food was being trapped. I was having a lot of issues with my teeth and it was a constant battle.

The solution which Chris presented was to replace all the crowns and fillings in my back teeth with Lava Crowns to achieve a better bite and stop the clenching. After considerable thought I decided to go ahead with the work.

The Lava Crowns are great and a really good colour match for my teeth - in fact you wouldn’t know they are crowns. (no more black fillings or shadows)

Chris was very patient with someone who flinches at the least sign of pain.

That was 2 years ago, I have since needed no more work done, the clenching as gone, the flossing is reduced to normal, and my teeth cause me no more bother in fact I don’t even think about them.

I would highly recommend Chris and his team even if you don’t like the dentist!

T.S., Aberfeldy, Perthshire


Implants and General

I followed Chris Barrowman from his previous practice as I was so pleased with the treatment I had with him there.

The surgery in Pitlochry is excellent with a very relaxed atmosphere (Just what I need!). The staff are cheerful and friendly and put me at ease the moment I walk through the door.

I have had two implants inserted which was actually quite painless, not what I had expected. I am thrilled to bits with the outcome and I now have the confidence to smile properly. Fortunately, I haven't needed more than a scale & polish since then, but it's great to be so well looked after.

I have, and will continue, to recommend the practice especially to anyone like me who used to be nervous - but not anymore!

Dunkeld, Perthshire



Chris and his team worked hard to restore my confidence after some damaging experiences elsewhere.

I am now back on the rails and hugely value the care I have received from them all. My remedial work is completed and my insurance plan gives me the comfort of assured cover at an affordable cost.

Dental care at its very best.

F.G., Perthshire



Thank you very much for your patience and professionalism in returning my smile and confidence. Much appreciated!

GR, Pitlochry, Perthshire


Tooth Coloured Fillings and General

I would like to thank Chris and all the staff at IBLU for being extremely helpful, friendly and professional, and for being able to work at such a high standard with me having such a bad gag reflex. The experience is first class, with clean, bright, modern surroundings.

I am thrilled with the good work in replacing all my amalgam fillings for white and have highly recommend Chris and the staff at IBLU to several people already.

Thanks again

Frank McGibbon, Kinnloch Rannoch, Perthshire


Implants and General

I am delighted to write about my experiences at Infinityblu.

When we moved to the area some four years ago, you were highly recommended by our friends and neighbours. From the moment we set foot in the door, we were made to feel welcome and relaxed by the reception staff, and the waiting room is stylish and impeccable.

The dental surgery is the most modern I have seen, and everything is of the highest standard and equipped with up-to-date technology.

Every step of the procedure is explained, and there is always a choice of treatment for you to make. You feel involved which is important, and in very safe hands.

I have started treatment for an implant, and I can honestly say that the surgical procedure was painless! Indeed I found it most interesting to hear all the technical data in the background.

This dental practice is outstanding- professional but friendly, and I have the utmost faith in Dr Barrowman and his team- I can find no fault.

Rosemary Christie, Blair Atholl, Perthshire


Tooth Coloured Fillings and General

I had all my black teeth replaced with lovely white ones. I fell in love with my new teeth! (I can’t believe they are mine).

Everyone at Infinityblu is lovely and friendly. I am so happy I went there.

Freda, Kinnloch Rannoch, Perthshire



I saw your advert in the local paper. I was very pleased with the work you carried out, am very happy with the results and have recommended the practice to several of my friends

Mr Webb, Lawers, Loch Tay



Since your practice opened in Pitlochry in 2007, I had only heard rave reviews and praise from folk I knew who had joined up. So, in 2011, I did the same.

The team is so kind and welcoming – and the surroundings are sparkly, pristine and cheerful.

Chris has been a star- I am delighted with the outcome of the two repair fillings I needed- using modern equipment and materials he has given me the confidence to allow for regular scale and polishes.

I would, and do, unreservedly recommend Infinityblu Dental Care

Alison, Pitlochry, Perthshire



Having been once described by a professor at Edinburgh Dental Hospital as ‘the sort of interesting patients we like to see’ I have had treatment in the UK, Australia and South Africa to a very good standard.

I must say that my experiences at your practice have been the best of all in every way- from the actual treatment which was always extremely thorough and the dentures which have been effective, comfortable and better than the expensive bridges I have had in the past.

The ambiance of the practice is first class and a great credit to you and your team who really make the patient welcome. It is really good that Pitlochry and district now has a facility for first class dental treatment.

Ken, Pitlochry, Perthshire



My teeth were becoming thin and chipping, and I was going to have to have crowns placed on my front teeth. Chris recognised the problems which I had with my teeth and rather than having crowns, I have benefitted from a technique which means I still have my own teeth, but augmented.

I am always greeted with a smile and chat with the staff and have followed the augmentation of Chris’s family as well as my teeth!

This is a happy practice and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to have the best experience of dentistry- despite being 47 miles from my home! After all, is there anyone who really looks forward to going to the

Sylvia Wilson, Scotlandwell, Fife



I have been a patient of Infinityblu for over 3-4 years now and would thoroughly recommend the practice.

Having always being a little anxious about visiting dentists up until now, the treatment I received from Infinityblu was exceptional. Chris and his team around him made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.

The treatment itself was very much a calming experience, miles from the traditional fear of "a visit to the

Steven McKenzie, Murthly, Perthshire



I wouldn’t see the dentist as an enjoyable experience but with IBLU it’s as close as it can get...........a very friendly place with good solid dental care

B.P., Pitlochry


Implants and General

I have had nightmare dental problems since a small child. My first introduction to toothbrushes was at the age of 15 when visiting a friend and asking her what she used these small brushes for?

I seldom smiled, ashamed of my teeth, for over the years they had been replaced with every kind of tooth dentists made, my mouth was a mess. I hid behind my hands when smiling.

I visited IBLU out of curiosity, the modern appearance of the surgery and treatment rooms, the friendly staff helped me feel that I was in a dentists with modern equipment and young dentists using modern techniques. I was not disappointed, after several consultations we decided to have implants.

Now that I have implants that fit my mouth, look good and are comfortable in my mouth, my confidence has returned, I can laugh and smile without the need to hold my hands in front of my mouth.

With implants, eating food has become a pleasure again, even eating apples!!

Gayle, Pitlochry


Implants and General

When IBLU opened mid 2007, I was attending a practice in Aberfeldy. Having to get extensive treatment done on my teeth i.e. ‘an implant’ I enquired about becoming a patient in Pitlochry mainly for less travelling and ease of access in an emergency.

Since day one I have been looked after by Chris and his assistants, namely Jenny and Moira to a very high standard.

I have had over the years quite a lot of work done on my teeth and have been completely satisfied with the professionalism and skill shown by Chris. I’m always looked after by Jen at reception very well, greeted with a lovely smile and we have a pleasant chat before treatment commences.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the practice to anyone who might consider joining, and although private dental treatment is expensive those days, I feel it is worth it in the long run.

Raymond McIntyre, Pitlochry



I have been delighted with the care and consideration I have received from Dr Barrowman and his staff, and would have no hesitation in recommending IBLU to my friends.

Heather Avis, Bankfoot, Perthshire